No time for you anymore?

Everyone talks about the importance of “me-time”, but nobody tells us how to do it…


Now that you’re a mum, the idea of me-time sounds a bit unrealistic, right?


Between the breakfast-time, nap-time, tantrum-time, bath-time, snack-time, play-time, go-the-f&*k-to-sleep-time and all the other special times in the life of being mum, not to mention time spent working outside the home…just where are you meant to find this time for you?  

I get it. I’m Linda Anderson, and as a mother of three, I know how hard it is to get time for yourself. The needs of others always come before your own and before you know it, there is nothing left for you.


So, I’m not here to preach the benefits of “me-time” while leaving you to figure it out all by yourself.  I won’t ask you for your spare time. Instead, I’ll show you exactly how to practice self-care – the smart and simple way.


Imagine feeling less overwhelmed so that you can enjoy the journey of motherhood.

Imagine feeling more energised and less stressed.

Imagine starting to exercise regularly so that you feel fitter, more energised and less stressed.

 in control of your life…

And imagine that you could achieve that state with 5 minutes a day.

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Introducing 5 Minutes 4 Mum

with Linda Anderson, Life Coach & Mum of 3






If you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you’re feeling like you have no time or space in your life just for you, I want you know that self-care doesn’t have to be perfect. I created 5 Minutes 4 Mum because it helps mums break through the biggest barrier: the false belief that you need more time than you.

5 Minutes 4 Mum is a 6 week self-paced online program that teaches you easy-to-implement lifestyle changes that can be done in 5 minutes per day. These lifestyle changes covers all the elements you need to nurture to enjoy your life: body, fun, now, simplicity, calm, simplicity and connection.

The result? You’ll stop thinking of ‘me-time’ as something that competes with your other responsibilities. You’ll learn that being a wonderful mum involves taking time for self-care. (It’s not an add-on. It’s essential).

Self-care and me-time won’t be laughed off anymore as something ‘lovely’ that you don’t have time for. With 5 Minutes 4 Mum you’ll find it’s easier than you think.


What’s my story? I’m the mum of three energetic daughters, now 8, 5 and 4. Yes, they keep me VERY busy! Professionally, I’ve been a Life Coach for over a decade helping countless people around the world to achieve their dreams and create inspiring lives. Ilove to travel, have adventures and live a life that makes my heart sing.

The two things that challenged me the most after becoming a mother were:

1. Feeling like I lost my sense of self, my identity. I felt like I was only seen as a Mum … not as the intelligent, adventurous and fabulous woman I had always been. I really, really struggled with this. I felt invisible. I felt lost.

2. Losing my personal space and time for myself. I know I should have seen this coming but I underestimated the impact that having little people needing me, wanting me every moment of the day would have on me. I love my daughters to bits but that didn’t stop me feeling totally overwhelmed by the constant need for me.


It took me years to figure out how to find my balance and feel less overwhelmed.So much of it came down to finding ways to create meaningful time and space for myself. Time and space for nurture my soul … not time and space to fold the washing …


This is why I created 5 Minutes 4 Mum. I wanted to share my learnings, make it easier for you to start feeling happier, calmer and less overwhelmed.  I am on a mission to help you nurture yourself (so that you can nurture your family better). It only takes 5 minutes at a time.

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